Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Woodward’s Industrial Control Systems business group designs, manufacturers, sells, and services control systems and components that improve the emissions, efficiency, and reliability of industrial diesel and natural gas engines. Our integrated systems are based on a foundation of key technologies - electronic controls and software, fuel and air delivery, and combustion control - that reduce total operating costs and enhance performance.

Industrial engines equipped with Woodward’s products and technologies are integral to the global infrastructure - producing electricity, transporting goods and people, and exploring for and producing various energy sources. Typical applications include ocean-going ships and work boats, locomotives, electric power generation systems, natural gas fueled trucks and buses, and construction and mining equipment.

Industrial Control Systems also designs, manufactures and services control systems and components for gas, steam, and wind turbines, as well as other large rotating equipment. Our systems and components enable improvements in fuel efficiency and emissions, as well as optimize overall performance, cost, and safety. Within these markets, Woodward focuses on technologies and solutions in four primary areas: combustion, fuel metering control, actuation/motion control, and complex control.


Industrial Control Systems partners and collaborates with the global leaders in our markets. Our value proposition is based in innovative solutions in low-volume/high-mix markets. This innovation can be seen not only in technical solutions, but also in how we operate our business - whether in operations or in the office. Our collaborative approach allows us to bring not only components, but also broader system level solutions that help our customers overcome both the challenges of today and those in the future.